FOOB Participates in BioBlitz on April 27

Four Friends of Oaks Bottom formed a team to participate in the City Nature Challenge on the morning of April 27th. This is a worldwide “contest,” and we were invited to participate by the local Nature Conservancy. We split into two groups, one focusing on birds and the other on plants.

Everything had to be uploaded to iNaturalist In a three-hour period, we posted about 45 bird species and, we think, about 120 – 140 plant species, many non-native. We also got in deer, cottontails, and the South Meadow coyote in all its splendor. There were a few lichens, slugs, and fungi to add to the mix. There were many other IDs, including a mink and various birds too far away to photograph and not voicing, these not being eligible for iNaturalist’s requirements. 

This was a fun event that we hope to participate in again next year.

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