Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Are dogs allowed at Oaks Bottom? Yes, dogs are allowed on-leash and on marked trails anywhere in the refuge. Keeping dogs on leash is important to protect migratory birds in Spring and Fall, and breeding and wintering birds in Summer and Winter. Fragile habitats like the South Meadow are preserved only by leashing dogs. Thank you for your help preserving this vital habitat!

2.) How long is the hike at Oaks Bottom? The Oaks Bottom Loop Hike is 3.8 miles. There are many cutoff points to shorten the loop if needed.

3.) How many bird species have been recorded in Oaks Bottom? Just over 200 species.

4.) Are there public restrooms at Oaks Bottom? No, there are not any public restrooms at the refuge. In nearby Sellwood Park (see Maps), there are public restrooms near the playground.