About Us

The Friends of Oaks Bottom is dedicated to the preservation of the largest remaining natural area in the Willamette River’s lower floodplain. We engage the surrounding communities and the city of Portland at large in conserving this unique natural area through education and volunteer work. Our goal is to connect people to the nature and wildlife encompassed by Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge. 

The members of Friends of Oaks Bottom have come together through their individual experiences with the Refuge, which include bird and wildlife watching and stewardship, in order to build working relationships with Portland Parks and Recreation, Sellwood Moreland Improvement League and other stakeholders in the Refuge to reach our conservation goals.

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge sustains a diverse population of flora and fauna including the Northern Red-Legged Frog, which is federally listed as a “species of concern.” Other commonly occurring species include deer, coyote, beavers, and a large variety of wild birds, such as Osprey and Common Yellowthroat, many of which use the refuge as an annual nesting ground.

As a visitor, it is our hope that you will be reminded of how important and unique the refuge is, and understand the vital work that volunteers are doing to continue to restore and preserve Oaks Bottom.