Bottom Walkers

Friends of Oaks Bottom is excited to launch a new program called the Bottom Walkers! As the number of people enjoying the refuge has increased, a notable increase in off-leash dogs, and people starting from the paths has been noted. This can degrade the habitat, most notably in the South Meadow area, so with the help of volunteers, we hope to help solve these issues. Essentially, the Bottom Walkers will be volunteers in pairs walking the trails in Oaks Bottom to be a friendly and educational presence in the refuge. The duties of the Bottom Walkers are simply to let people know about keeping their dogs on leash, make sure people are staying on the trails, and most of all, to chat with people about the refuge and answer any questions the public has. Of course, because of COVID-19, volunteers will be required to stay masked whenever they are within six feet of another person. Becoming a Bottom Walker is a great way to get out in the Spring weather and whether it be with a family member, friend, or soon-to-be-friend, it is a way to enjoy the refuge at its best. 

To find out more about the Bottom Walker Program, please email: